Unique, Luxury Adult toys and erotic massage Inspired by Parisian Cabaret and Burlesque of late 19th and early 20th century.Eros and Isis, Loving Inspiration Inc’s creator i-Jessica Jordan seeks to renew and gild the bedroom’s boudoir appeal.

Eros & Isis offers an inspirational alternative in the world of sexuality with their unique series of adult “Artworks” that are so lovely, they could easily be mistaken for antiques on the mantle.  Each piece is made of 100% high quality platinum (white gold) silicone, yet carrying the appearance of fine silver or antique bronze. They are a fully functional vibes that come with a single silver bullet style vibe and are packaged in glorious fine art collector boxes. These pieces are a refreshing alternative for a discerning clientele who would never be caught with spinning neon day glow plastic novelties in their regular activities, so why should they want such products in the bedroom?

These toys are so beautiful, so subtle, that even if  left out in full view, one might be tempted to polish them .

Perfect gifts. And what better way to show a true devotional passion than a piece of interactive -Art?


Eros & Isis, Loving inspiration inc. will also be launching a beautiful line of Lingerie that drapes on the curves as if gift wrapped. Eros & Isis designs their lounge or loving wear using ethical satins, opulent bamboo, and luxurious soy fabrics.  Each piece is secured with ribbon instead of clasps or hooks, everything is designed to look great on, but even better on the floor.

Accompanying Eros & Isis’s artisan erotic playthings and eco-chic lingerie is a sensuous assortment of organic massage bars and oils craftily concocted by hand.

Manufactured in North America one by one. -By hand. Each one is unique.  Eros & Isis’s products may cost a little more per piece than if they would if made off shore, but the extra expense is worth it.